The conference room enjoys state-of-the-art comfort in conference chairs. Our leather-faced chairs have cushioned backrests to provide a relaxed but positive seating position.



We have chairs to accommodate an audience of 120 in the main Hall.

Our chairs have been chosen for comfort rather than cheapness so you will not be squirming around after ten minutes or so.




We have large round tables to accommodate ten persons as well as 6’ X 2’ tables which are sufficiently light and portable so that they may be put up and taken down by one person.

There are smaller tables and chairs in the foyer at which you can share a cup of coffee and a chat with your neighbour or fellow keep-fit member.


There is a modular stage system which can be assembled across the width of the Hall for entertainment, fashion and large meeting occasions.


All furniture items can be collected using specially built transport trolleys and, when required, wheeled into one of the main storage areas.